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Our Mission:

“To achieve customer satisfaction with ZERO TOLERANCE.”
Understanding the needs of our customer:

We have the knowledge of every single problem of sourcing and buying around the world. Having relocated to Bangladesh, the objective
was very clear – we had to provide a solution to each of these problems a customer faces in his daily life of sourcing and buying, especially from
Bangladesh. The major requirements of every customers are :

1. Quality control at every stage of production and professional final Inspection confirms to the AQL levels specified by the customer.
2. Competitive prices without compromise on quality.
3. Short lead-time.
4. Continues feedback on new fabric and product development.
5. Quick sampling and in-house design studio.
6. Prompt quotations.
7. Instant replies to queries and general communication.
8. Easy and prompt access to information of customer’s orders-daily production, QC reports, critical paths, status, and documentation.
9. Information on competition.
10. Assistance and advice on product improvement and enhancement.
11. Flexibility in service to customer and ability to change a required

Work flow Chart:

Sample Program:

We need the spec, sketch, design and all details including the yarn composition and then we make sample for client’s approval.
Sometimes, we do this sampling according to a given sample (original sample) from the client-end and then send them for the client’s approval.
After receiving the approval, we make some more samples in case of buyer’s satisfaction. If the sample quantity is a large number, then we
make it as per buyer’s requirements with a mutual understanding.

Quality Control:
No way to compromise set / required / aspired quality level” — This is what we believe in terms of quality. A group of wellexperienced, efficient, self-motivated and dynamic merchandisers and quality controllers are working very hard to ensure the highest level of
quality of garments with the right corner of the direction

Inspection Process:

a) Fabrics Inspection (Before Cutting),
b) In Line Inspection (In Sewing),
c) Table Inspection (Sewing Output),
d) Primary Inspection (Before Iron),
e) Final Inspection (After Iron),

f) Pc To Pc Measurement (Before Folding)

In-time Shipment:

Our ceaseless and sincere effort always goes to ensure high class quality and in-time shipment. Since we believe in crystal clear views and
straight-forwardness, we provide our clients a Critical Path Method (CPM) how goods will be shipped in the required / given tohave clear
direction of merchandising the goods. If any stage of the path is affected, our immediate attention and action goes to adjust this in very next
stage. Our motto is – No way to compromise set/ required / aspired quality level.


Now a days compliance issues is highly considerable factor that we consider with high priority. Our compliance in Charge is with special
expert on compliance sector. He had experience people from different reputed brand like C&A- SOCAM (Team leader), Lead auditor for
SA8000, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, Lead trainer for ISO 9001:2008

Why Anisha Tex BD?

Office Visit by Buyer:
Ms. Anna Ohrfelt
Purchaser/CSR & Environmental Manager
TED BERNHARDTZ at work, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Why Anisha Tex BD?

Office Visit by Buyer:
Ms. Yoko Oku
Production Director
Bacci, Madrid, Spain